Jul. 8th, 2009

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Okay… I’ve had a couple requests from folks in the store that I type up Dubhain mac Dhara O Raghailligh giolla Romero’s adventures in journal format. I could start another journal just for that, but I’m really not doing that much with this one and there might be folks here interested in reading this as well. I will be LJ cutting the journals to keep from eating everyone’s friends pages alive.

For those who played with Lord Drachenheim, Dubhain mac Raghailligh o Dhara three years ago the back history for this character is almost the same (as I really missed playing him and reset him back to 100 points for this game), save for the fact he did not return to Inismore after the War of the Cross and get hired as Rhiannon ni Nolan’s bodyguard. Instead he hired on as a bodyguard for a Syrneth artifact hunter from Eisen named Nikolas von Insel. When Nikolas retired from active collecting in late 1667, a Vaticine priest who was also seeking Syrneth artifacts by the name of Father Romero hired Dubhain. This journal covers the adventures of Romero’s group of artifact hunters.

Dubhain’s Journal )


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