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Most of you already know this, but damn Target is on crack.....

I have a new idiot boss to replace the old one we finally convinced to listen to us just before he left. So we're back to doing things to stupid way. Though he's just asking for me to hit him upside the head with ADA. He does not like the fact that the boss below him (who is the only cool boss I have right now) has been allowing me to work only one area while everyone else does what they can around the store. That's because Jason understands that I can't lift 30+ lbs off the floor repeatedly all night, but if you leave me alone in Pharmacy, I'll knock 2 to 3 hours off of the suggested stock time. Plus I'm the only one that doesn't bitch about working cosmetics and actually puts them where they belong. Imagine that. Actually /doing/ my job. [sigh]

So I try, after he makes his grand announcement of how we've been f*ing everything up, to point out that I have paperwork from Target saying that the way I've been doing things is the correct way. Him: "Oh, that's out of date. We do it this way now." Me: "We're short handed, why are we going to do it a slower way and waste time?" Him: "If you can't do the job I can shift you to softlines."

Oh, he just hit several buttons at once. I don't know how to do my job? I've been working for Target for longer than he has. I know that for a fact. Our team /trained/ him last summer when we had enough people to be getting out ridiculously early every day. I trained the guy he ended up working for right afterwords. [grrrr]

Well, he gets out on to the floor, tries to put me in snacks. I look at him point blank and tell him I can't work that area. Between the nuts and the weight of the stuff that /isn't/ nuts, there is very little I can work. He gave me this "what good are you?" look and asked "well, what /do/ you do?" "Mostly HBA and Cosmetics, sometimes Stationary. The stuff that requires accuracy more than muscles." He glared at me then told me to go to Stationary. Okay, I can do that. HBA is being ignored, but you know what: that's his funeral. He spends the next 45 mins screaming at the gossips over in Snacks while I quietly do the hardest aisle in Stationary (picture albums and scrap-booking) without a scanner gun telling me where to put the product. He comes over, looks at the aisle looks at me and asks "Where's your gun? I need it." "Don't have one." "You did this without a gun?" "Yeah. It's just patterns. Find the similar product and it doesn't take long." He gave me an odd look and walked away. Two more aisles in Stationary later he comes back and sent me on to HBA, as the gossips from Snacks had been there for a few minutes now.

I head straight to Pharmacy, and proceed to work 4 aisles, little stuff in the carts and boxes on the floor, in the time it takes everyone else just to work the boxes off the floor in one each. I'm also answering shouted questions of "Where the f* does this go?!?" with detailed descriptions of how far down the aisle and how many shelves up off the ground without stopping what I am doing. Finally, 10 hours into the day (two from quiting), he orders everyone else out of HBA and tells me to work the little stuff in the carts. I end up staying a touch later than quiting time but when the boss came by to ask why I hadn't pushed what I had not finished back into the backroom with the rest of the repush for tomorrow I looked at him and said: "Why should I repush this last quarter cart when it won't take but 15 minutes to finish it? HBA hasn't been repushed any shift I have worked for the last month. I'm not repushing it now." Disbelief followed by him actually walking all the aisles looking for carts that aren't there. By the time he came back to me I had three bottles left in the cart. He gave me an odd look again and left. The rest of the team did not even /get/ to the back row, while we usually can finish a truck in 12 hours.

Something tells me he's not going to do the smart thing tonight and actually leave me alone over there. That would be too easy and he doesn't see any way but the Target way... (Idiots) And if that wasn't enough, the ten of us have been working 60 hours a week. They've hired 4 new people and they think they can cut our hours down to 30 and the work will get done. Most of us old timers have decided, fine, you want to give us a break, we'll take it. Unless Jason asks us to, we're going to follow the schedule as written. Right now, Jason is saying he'll tell us to follow the schedule because how else will they learn if they don't see the results of their plans. So I'm suddenly going to have time next week, though it probably won't last. I am officially shifting to 4am on the 19th, so at least I'll be able to use the time to set up my character for the Saturday game at Hat's I'm joining on the 24th when I'm free in the afternoons. 5th level Scout in the Dungeon from Hell. That, at least, is going to be fun! Work can hang.

Date: 2006-06-11 09:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds like WalMart.... I actually had this conversaition once on the phone with the front in. (I was in Fabric) "We need you to come run the register" (This was after months of them not giving me anyone for breaks or lunch. Which they are suppose to do. They were always too busy. "Someone needs to be here to cut the fabric."I say. "Well, have shoes call if they need something and we will send someone to cut." They say. "Who are you going to get to cut the fabric if that happens?" Me "well, one of the cashiers" Hmm okay. I resiste the urge to stare at the phone. "So, you are going to take me from fabric to cashier, then send someone else back here if fabric needs to be cut?" a small silence "Yeah". "I'm not coming, that doesn't make sense." They tried several other times, but I always won the arguement.
Oh, and I liked the 'demo' crap. Once a week fabric was suddenly suppose to do demos. Somehow finding the manpower. We had to make our demos. We weren't allowed to do any work at home without reporting it and getting paid. (According to head honcho) Not allowed to do it on the floor. We were told not to do it at home because they didn't want to pay us. Somehow it was to get done, not at work, not at home... yeah. Gotta love home office.

Date: 2006-06-11 11:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm just glad you aren't working for them anymore. Target hasn't tried anything /that/ stupid yet... Of course, I have /no/ intentions of letting them know I was Cashier trained in a different store or they'll be pulling me from stocking to cashier, then b*ing that I haven't gotten the stocking done yet.

Date: 2006-06-11 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thankfully, he's been off the last two days, so the Cool boss allowed me to do it the fast way. I've been thinking through this, and I'm going to try to use math and Target Management speak against him. First I'm going to point out that it takes 8 people 5 minutes each to bowl out one pallet of boxes putting them down in front of where they go. It also takes me 15 minutes to bowl out 5 catchall boxes (we call them repacks) of little loose stuff to the shopping carts. Once I get him to agree that the numbers sound correct I'll point out that it's taking 2 hours and 45 mins worth of manpower to do it this way on an average night of three pallets (low average, but one that has been about right for the last week).

Then I'm going to point out that it takes me 25 mins total to bowl /everything/ into the shopping carts per pallet, and 5 mins /per aisle/ to bowl out from the shopping carts to in front of where they go, just like he wants after everything has been sorted. One hour 15 min to sort and 35 min to bowl.... Hmmm.... That saves a whole 55 mins of manpower. Is that a good thing?

Finally the management speak. They love to "challenge" us to do better. It's the big catch word. I'm going to Challenge him to let me prove my system. After all, if her has hard numbers he can put down in front of the district showing it's faster, surely they'll have to acknowledge that he showed good leadership in exploring and exploiting a resource in the store to push the team through a difficult section.

Date: 2006-09-28 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You know, I used to work for Target, and also for another store called Shopko.

When I worked in Target I worked Toys, Electronics and Sporting goods mostly and at Shopko I worked in receiving. Nothing you are describing sounds unfamiliar to me at all.

The funny thing is that the team leaders and store manager who kept giving me the most grief no longer work for Target, and on occasion someone asks me if I have thought of coming back.

I quit finally, because, hey, I'm in my late 30's and I have a family - I don't have time to explain reality to team leaders and managers half my age - especially if they can't listen.

But I do miss the extra income when I want gaming toys - yes I do.

I hope things are going better for you at work girl. That sort of stress shouldn't be put on anyone. Except maybe politicians - yep, now that I think on it politicians need a little more nudging - but you could use a break from the grief


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