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I don't normally do these sort of things. I'm not near as fond of the long text memes as I am the pretty picture type. But as [ profile] magnet5 tagged me, I'll play this time :grynne: ...

Then and now ...
10 years ago

* I was living in Virgina
* I worked for a convenience store
* I was engaged
* I had three roommates, but I also had spending cash and a car I didn't have to worry about breaking down.
* I still hoped to be able to get back to school

5 years ago:

* I had just moved out to Arizona
* I went 10 months without a date
* I had rejoined the SCA and had recently received my Award Of Arms [the title Lady for my non SCA friends] (and okay, that's technically 6 years ago, but just barely)
* I had been working for Target for a year
* I had a nice classic car with a few problems, but still ran well.
* I had just started to house sit for my father

1 year ago:

* I started working with majolica
* I was in the accident that turned my decent car into the beast I must spend money on
* I broke up with Greg
* I joined Sunday Games

Yesterday I:

* Finished re-reading the players guide for Rifts (it had been 5 years since I had read it last)
* Received the miniature for Capt Josephine Kowas, US Air Force on assignment with SG-10 from Iron Winds Metals.
* Stopped by Hat's and ordered a portable mini case (My current one really /isn't/ portable.)
* Worked an 11 hour shift at target (thus the reason the rest of these are so minor)
* Hadn't had a date in a month and a half.

5 Snacks I love:

* Nachos and Con Queso
* Chocolate Truffles
* Apples
* Summer Sausage and Crackers
* Chocolate cookie dough ice cream

5 Songs I Know all the Words to:

* Phantom of the Opera (From the musical of the same name)
* Somebody (Depeche Mode)
* Bring Him Home (Les Miserables)
* Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkle (Though really that just one of about 1/4 of their songs I know by heart))
* Arkham Today (White Plectrum (To the tune of Turn the Page. WONDERFUL Lovecraftian filk))

5 things I would Do with A Million Dollars:

* Travel around the world
* Start my own Used Bookshop/Comic Shop/Gaming Shop probably on the other side of town from Hat's Games and Charlie's Comics since I wouldn't want to hurt my friends' businesses.
* Put enough away that I don't have to worry about retirement, even if the store doesn't break even.
* Get a new van with the push-button fold down seats.
* Visit all my east coast friends I haven't seen in /FOREVER/ especially the ones who are now more west coast than I am. O};->>

5 places I would run away to:

* Galway
* Alaska in the summer
* The Bahamas
* Hawaii
* Canada

5 favorite movies:

* Nausicaa and the Valley of the Winds
* Dune
* Ever After
* Spirited Away
* Gods and Generals

5 bad habits:

* I put up with things when I should tell people to b*gger off. Especially in the case of my new boss. (Sorry if the language there offends. This is a case of I can see the problem, but acting is harder.)
* Getting stubborn about doing things because I /can/ ("I'm not a cripple, see?") instead of letting someone else do it for me.
* Eating /way/ too much junk food. I'm in trouble if I ever get a desk job.
* Dating the wrong guy. Repeatedly.
* Allowing the chaos factor to rule my time rather than structure.

5 biggest joys:

* Writing
* Friends
* Reading
* Role-playing Games

5 Fictional Characters I would date:

* Aragorn
* F'nar
* Joseph Wilson aka Jericho
* Sam Yeager
* Robinton

People I Tag To Do This:

Anyone who wishes too.
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